Raphael McAuliffe

Voiceover Artist
Ranging from deep & authoritative to gentle, kind and expressive with a good ear for accents

Age Range:

30 - 50



Std English, Cockney, Sth Irish, Liverpool, Scottish, East European, Std American. Welsh, French, Italian,

She's leaving

Nothing compares to you

Children's Story - Tell me something happy

Yellow - words by Coldplay


Radio: Voiceovers for BBC Radio 1 & 2, Virgin, Capital Radio, County Sound, Chiltern, GWR. Voices of Prince Charles, Dudley Moore and many more.

Corporate Training: Arthur Anderson, SK Beecham, Royal London, Ernst & Young, BBC, NHS, Surrey County Council & various Murder weekends

Theatre :

The Writer - The Good Doctor Dir : Ian Mullins

Valmont - Les Liaisons Dangereuses  Dir : Nicola Muffitt

Venticelli - Amadeus  Dir : Jo Upton

Sandy Tyrell - Hay Fever  - Dir : Paddie Johns

Headmaster Sunstroke  - Spring Awakening Dir : Yuval Zamir

Bridegroom -  Blood Wedding Dir : Yuval Zamir

Geronte - The Reluctant Doctor Dir : Michael Almaz

Brindsley - Black Comedy Dir : Claire Davison

Dromio(Syracuse) - Comedy of Errors  Dir : George Hall

Doody - Grease Dir : Claire Pethick

Fred Casely(company) - Chicago  Dir : Claire Pethick

Baby John - West Side Story Dir : Claire Pethick

Abanazar - Aspects of Panto Dir : Angela Holmes